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About me

Are you looking for captivating and persuasive copy that converts visitors into customers? Look no further! My name is Nikša Radić, and I am a 20-year-old copywriter based in Belgrade, Serbia. With two years of experience in the industry and a passion for the written word, I am dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve their marketing goals through the power of persuasive copy. I have completed multiple marketing courses recommended by my mentor, and I take pride in using my unique writing skills to help businesses grow and succeed. Whether you need website copy, product descriptions, or email campaigns, I am committed to delivering high-quality content that engages your audience and drives results. Let’s work together to take your business to the next level!

"Copy that communicates your unique value"

Your mission is sacred, and your voice must be heard.

"Your relationship with the audience is a priority and regarded with utmost reverence"

The rapport with one's audience constitutes a highly prized asset, and my every endeavor is specifically geared towards fortifying this connection.

"Deliberate planning paves the way for flawless execution"

Plan ahead to avoid regret, meaning I believe in asking the crucial questions upfront to ensure that your needs are being met at all times.

"Consistent and transparent communication"

You can rest assured that there will be no ambiguity surrounding the progress of a project or any unanswered questions, feel free to schedule a call or ask me anything through any messaging platform.

- I get paid for your results -

My results are guaranteed, that’s why my compensation is not based on the number of hours worked or words written, but rather on the outcome achieved.


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